Member Usage

Guide on how to use the tickets system as a member of a guild

Guild Members Usage

Go into the servers tickets channel and then press the Create Ticket button and then fill out the questionnaire.

You will receive the following confirmation message and be told to go to said channel.

Now that you're in the ticket just send some relevant information about why you need assistance and wait patiently for a server staff member to help you out. You can also close the ticket at any time if you no longer require assistance.

If you need the staff member to add someone to the ticket just ask and then paste their userId into the chat.


Currently, the ticket transcript system is in beta and is only activated when the ticket is closed and not when it is locked or deleted. The transcript system will be updated further in future updates but has a satisfactory amount of functionality for the initial release. You must download the HTML file and then open it with your web browser of choice to view the transcript.


Since the tickets system is relatively new and may have some bugs or glitches please let us know immediately if you find any with the /bot bug-report command so that we can fix it ASAP, thanks and enjoy.

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