Supporters Usage

Guide on how to use the tickets system as a member of a guild support team

Guild Supporters Usage

As a quick reminder, you can't access the ticket commands unless a server administrator sets the permissions for the ticket command correctly in the server settings as shown above in the Configuration section of the guide. You can however use the buttons as displayed in this section of the tutorial.

In order for the ticket to be deleted completely a server administrator must delete the thread or use the ticket delete command if the ticket is still active. This will be improved in a future update

A member goes to the tickets channel and presses the Create Ticket button and then fills out the questionnaire.

They will get the following confirmation message and be directed to their ticket

You will notice a new message in the notifications channel but won't see the ticket until you join it, that's the beauty of threads.

The 'More Information' button will show you a more detailed view of the ticket

You can also choose to join the ticket

Once you have joined the ticket you will be added to the ticket and will be able to see the thread

You must claim the ticket if you only have the support role before closing the ticket or accessing the staff panel. If you have the administrator permission you will be able to do anything with the ticker regardless of if you've claimed the ticket or not.

You may also notice that the message was pinned in the channel meaning you can now easily access it regardless of the amount of messages in the channel as demonstrated below

Once you have claimed the ticket you will get the following confirmation messages and will now be able to close the ticket and access the staff controls menu.

The following list explains the functionality of each button in the Staff Controls panel

  • More Information: same as displayed previously, gives a more detailed view of the tickets information

  • UnClaim: unclaim the ticket so that someone else can claim it and help the ticket creator, if you need to force unclaim it from someone else, ask an admin to do it.

  • Request Close: Sends a message in the ticket channel asking the user if they're satisfied with the support and if the ticket can be closed

  • Add Member: A Modal popup will appear that will ask you for the userId of the member you wish to add to the ticket

  • Remove Member: A Modal popup will appear that will ask you for the userId of the member you wish to remove from the ticket

  • Lock Ticket: Asks you to confirm that you'd like to lock the ticket, this means that only moderators can send a message in the channel or reopen it.



Currently, the ticket transcript system is in beta and is only activated when the ticket is closed and not when it is locked or deleted. The transcript system will be updated further in future updates but has a satisfactory amount of functionality for the initial release. You must download the HTML file and then open it with your web browser of choice to view the transcript.

Notification Embed Color Codes

When the embed is Gold it is unclaimed, Green for claimed, and Red for closed/deleted


Since the tickets system is relatively new and may have some bugs or glitches please let us know immediately if you find any with the /bot bug-report command so that we can fix it ASAP, thanks and enjoy.

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