Current version

About this version

This version of the bot is the initial release of the bot with VERY limited functionality. There is a few commands that all servers with the bot can access in the short term for example setting the slowmode of a channel and a suggestion feature so that you can make suggestions for features to the bot dev(s)

Why 0.0.0?

I decided on calling this version 0.0.0 because it is the initial release and there isn't really any features I feel I should/want to highlight in the release as it is all VERY basic for the time being. Essentially I don't feel it deserves a number lol.

Why should I get the bot?

You should get the bot for all of the features that are in progress and also for the security. The bot is all self-contained as in it runs on a server that is exclusively set up to run the bot and it not made to do anything else, all of the data that the bot absolutely needs to collect in order to save some basic info about your server is the id of it which is already public and doesn't let anyone just join from an id and some channel id's as well for settings such as what channel welcome messages are to be sent to, etc. There is hardly any data stored in order to maximize efficiency of the bot and to keep it free/cheap to the public for as long as possible.

Is there any paid features?

There is absolutely NO paid features or publicly accessible place to donate to the dev(s) of Golden Bot. If you do wish to contribute to this amazing cause and help pay for the services needed to keep the bot up and running please reach out to Golden_Dev#4825. You can reach me on the support server which is linked in the top bar of this very docs website and also you can use the command /bot support.

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