🤖Unverified Bots

A guide on how to whitelist an unverified bot so it can join your server

It is expected that you have the bot invited already before using the guide but here is a link just in case: https://invite.goldendev.net If you ever need to send someone a link to a specific portion of a page you can find the # symbol next to the headings and that will set your page URL (which you then copy) to take the individual that clicks the link directly to the specified content.

Important Warning

Anyone with an equal or higher role with administrator enabled than the bot's highest role will be able to whitelist bots on the server. Please make sure to set the bot's role as high as possible for the best protection.

Video Tutorial (coming soon)

Why block unverified bots?

The main reason Golden Bot blocks unverified bots is simply the fact that the vast majority of destructive bots are unverified so this simple defense can save a servers a lot of headache and trouble, also you don't need to add unverified bots to your server very often if at all so it's not that big of a hindrance. That being said, it is understood that there are some occasions where you may need to add an unverified bot to your server, hence the the whitelist command.

Whitelist Requirements

In order to whitelist a bot temporarily so that it can join you must have the same or higher permissions than the bot or be the server/guild owner. If you don't meet these requirements then you won't be able to whitelist an unverified bot on your own for security reasons. There are plans to potentially allow a server to disable this feature but that could cost vital amounts of time when blocking the bot and result in potential damages.

Command to whitelist a bot (userId): /whitelist-bot {userId of the unverified bot}

This page is still a work in progress as well as the feature so if you have any suggestions on how to improve either please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks. https://support.goldendev.net

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