/suggest <suggestion>

Golden Bot is rapidly expanding and adding features that are one-of-a-kind moderation and utility tools never before seen. If you have ANY ideas for the bot please read over the planned features list to make sure the feature isn't already planned or in progress and use the above command ("/suggest <suggestion>") in order to send a feature suggestion directly to the bot dev(s). Thanks.

Command not working? Make sure you read through all of the below information in order to troubleshoot and get the command to work for you or join the support server, link at top of all docs pages. Note: I read over all suggestions myself :)


Required: true,

Value: string (a nice bot suggestion to the bot dev(s))

Member Permissions Needed


How the permissions work:

The member sending this commands just needs send messages permission in order to use it just so they can actually send the command :)

Necessary Bot Permissions


How the bot permissions work:

The bot only needs SEND_MESSAGES in order to be able to reply to the member with a hidden confirmation message to inform them that their suggestion was sent along to the dev(s) but nothing more.

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