Is there any risks when using Golden Bot?


Golden Bot as of right now as I am making this page of the docs is being hosted on a small computer called a Raspberry pi here at my house. It is on a highly secured network and is completely isolated from the internet aside from my remote access point within the local secure network and also has access to Discord's api. There is no way for the server that runs the bot to be accessed from outside of my home network and is therefore completely isolated from threats. There is no way for it to become corrupted or compromised through Discord's api as it's only using specific information from commands and about users that can't be manipulated by users in any harmful way. I can assure you that I have no intentions or interest in invading anyone's servers or privacy as long as you don't misuse the bot. I will be implementing some anti-abuse measures that will alert me to any suspicious activity on the bot as it is free for the public currently and if one server is abusing it I don't want them to ruin the experience for everyone else. If you don't misuse the bot then feel free to keep using it and all I ask for in return is maybe some upvotes on the bot's top.gg page to help spread awareness and also maybe some feedback through the bot's suggest command.


Occasionally there may be a power outage where I live and Golden Bot may be offline for a bit hence why it is always a good idea to have at least one backup bot on your server or know how to do anything you may need to do manually as this can happen with any bot at any time. Golden Bot is connected to a VERY large internet provider for my area though so network outages are rare and fixed fast due to the large number of clients using the same service. It is connected directly to a 1 gigabyte up and down connection fiber optic internet for the least latency possible obviously it may vary based on where you are in the world or how fast your device/internet connection is as well. Any problems that the bot runs in to I work to fix as fast as possible or revert to an older version ASAP so that the bot can continue to be online and be helpful/useful. In the future I hope to possibly secure a hosting provider to host the bot for a monthly fee to help with redundancy and also to give users of the bot it other nations a faster connection and a better experience.

Single Dev

As I am the only dev of Golden Bot at this time it can take quite some time to get updates out sometimes and I still have much to learn about discord.js, the api, and also JavaScript in general as I am still quite new to it. I will likely be looking for other devs in the future if the bot becomes successful but for now I am all alone. This can also be a major advantage as I know all of my code inside and out and it is very fast and easy for me to quickly change something that is causing some issues and add brand new features as well. I do have a long list of features I'd like to implement but if you have ANY cool or useful ideas for the bot that you often see paywalled by other bots or that other bots don't have please do use the suggest command or leave a suggestion in the official Discord server as I am always looking for new and interesting ways to improve the bot.

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