Miscellaneous Improvements

πŸŽ‰Version 1.4.0 UpdateπŸŽ‰

Denukify Improvements!

  • Added a command to clear ALL of the channels on a guild in cases where there are more than 100 channels that the raid bot created. /denukify purge all-channels

  • Changed the cooldown on the original commands to 10 minutes and for the purge all channels to 20 minutes


There were some small errors with permissions that didn't allow some users that should've been able to use certain moderation commands but couldn't. To be clear, nobody that shouldn't of had access ever did, just some users wouldn't get the right access based on the permissions system which has since been fixed

Role Create Fixes

It seems that recently Discord or discord.js have made some changes to how colors are processed so some colors are no longer supported such as Not Quite Black and Dark But Not Black. These have been removed but if you find any more old colors that are no longer supported please report them immediately with the /bot bug-report command or DM me directly, thanks.

Downtime Improvements

I have begun work on a new system that allows me to refresh and manage all of the commands that the bot has released without manually restarting the bot every time so downtime should be significantly better minus the occasional main code rework and updates as well as server updates. I still can't make any downtime guarantees since I still run the bot locally for now but it has been going strong for many months now without fail so that's good.

Golden Bot +

We aren't there yet but when I do get the bot verified and I am able to configure the premium app subscriptions I will. This will only be a means of funding the bot and will mainly just supply access to beta or pre-release features or priority support or maybe even a customizable version of the bot but it won't result in degraded performance or experience for free users for now unless I run into trouble with funding for the bot which seems unlikely as of right now.

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