Feature Abuse/Spam

Even if the specific rule isn't broken in ultimately is up to the bot dev(s)/admin(s) to decide if action needs to be taken and their shall be no arguing about their reasons or you may lose ALL access to the bot and be permanently blacklisted from our server(s) for the sake of us being able to help and support those who deserve it through kindness and following the rules...

Don't spam... Currently, as of making these docs Golden Bot is 100% free for everyone to use! If people begin to spam commands or use features in ways they aren't intended to be used or just spamming regardless your server will be rate-limited meaning that there can only be so many command requests coming from your server every however many minutes at best or you will lose ALL access to the feature or even the bot. I put a lot of time and effort into making Golden Bot the best possible Discord bot and I need to be able to efficiently use the little time I have in a day to work on development and preferably not having to spend my time blocking abusive users or servers.

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