Major Update: Report + Suggestion System

What's new in version 1.1.0:

/report member

A new command that allows members to report fellow members once the report channel has been configured using /setup reports channel

Report Member- context command (right click on user > APPS > Report Member)

This is very similar to the other report member command but is triggered by using the "context menu" for faster and easier reports.

/inf update

Change the reason set on a specified infraction

/inf info

Get a more detailed view of an infraction with dates and such

/role create

A straightforward and easy way to create new roles quickly and easily in your server! Please try it, took a while to make lol.

/channel mention

A new way to mention a channel (including voice channels) so you can communicate with others easier which channel to go to or which vc to join

/inf clear

An owner-only command that allows them to wipe ALL of the infractions from a user's record on that server.


A command that allows you to end mutes early (timeouts)

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